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Weekly Prayer

Sunday, September 14, 2014

For God so loved the world…

Father, Jesus seems to have had
ambivalent feelings about the world.
He warned his disciples about
being in the world and said
the world would hate them
just as it hated him.
And, of course, it was the world
that put him to death.
But here he says that you,
and thus, of course, he,
loved the world so much
that you were willing to send him--
and he was willing to be sent--
to die on the cross for the world,
so that we might have eternal life.

Father, I too have
ambivalent feelings
about the world.
War and violence
seem everywhere today,
and we live with the constant fear
of even worse war and violence
breaking out among us.
And one meets so many rude,
angry, nasty, and selfish people these days--
and I confess I am sometimes one of them--
that it makes me wonder
if we were all worth
the trouble and pain it took
to offer us the gift of your divine life.

Father, in the Eucharist today,
help me to unite myself
more fully to your Son,
so that I might see the world
more as you see it,
and love it more as you love it.
Help me to join you
in so loving the world
that I will be more eager
to be sent in Jesus’ name,
to give of myself
more willingly, out of love,
to strive with the Spirit’s help
to live a life of compassion,
forgiveness, and justice,
to put other’s needs before my own,
especially when the cost is high.

Father, the world is desperately
in need of the redemption
your Son’s life, passion, death,
and resurrection offer it.
Thank you for his gift of sacrificial love.
Help me to draw closer to him today
and to grow in his love,
so that my life--
lived more fully with him,
in him and through him--
may help bring
my little part of the world
a little closer to your kingdom.

  Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA Photo
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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