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Weekly Prayer

Sunday, August 17, 2014

“Send her away, for she keeps calling out after us.”

Jesus, I think you loved disguises.
You once went to the festival
in Jerusalem in disguise.
You told us about
God and the kingdom
through stories of
all sorts of characters.
You warned us that
we wouldn’t recognize you
among the hungry and thirsty
and those in need.
And you assure us,
in faith, that we who share
your Body and Blood
become you in our world today.

So, Lord, today as I go on my way,
I shouldn’t be surprised to find you
in all sorts of unlikely places,
including in me.

Today, Lord, I will likely encounter
someone like the Canaanite woman—
perhaps a neighbor, or someone at Mass,
or someone at the store
where I buy the Sunday paper—
someone who desperately needs your help.
They may not say anything to me;
they may just be in the background;
and I will be sorely tempted
to not even notice them—
and thus pass you by as well.

Don’t let me do that, Lord!
Even if they are silent,
let me hear your voice call out:
“Have pity on them!”
I may not want to hear you.
I’ll have places to go.
And who is this person to me?
I don’t know her;
I owe him nothing.
and I probably can’t
do anything anyway.

But there you’ll be, Lord,
calling out again and again.
You won’t let me off the hook this easily.

Keep calling out, Jesus!
Help me to listen
and to hear you.
And when I still resist, help me to know
that you, who humbled yourself
to share in our humanity,
aren’t afraid even to kneel in front of me,
countering all my excuses,
and begging me to be your presence
and to respond with mercy.

Lord, may today’s Eucharist
strengthen my faith
so that I recognize you both in me
and in the person in need.
Feed me with your Body and Blood
so I too might not be afraid
to humble myself
and do you homage—
by being your body and blood
in a hungry and thirsty world.

  Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA Photo
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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