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Weekly Prayer

Sunday, November 16, 2014

“For to everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich…”

Jesus, your parable today
is as demanding and unsettling
as the man you place at its center--
a man immersed in self-interest,
a man who gets what he wants
no matter who he exploits
(for he harvests where he does not plant),
a man who treats others
as servants and slaves,
a man who has no mercy
for those who fail to serve him well,
and a man who boasts that those like him
who have, will get more,
and that those with very little
will have even that taken away.

Lord, I don’t like that rich man.
I don’t think I am much like him.
(Please don’t let me be like him!)
But if I am honest with you,
I have to admit that while I know
that the third servant isn’t
a model for discipleship either,
I am much more likely
to follow his path.
I crave security, Lord,
I am scared of being one
of those who have little,
and have even that taken away.
And so, Lord, with a strong self-interest
born of fear and insecurity,
I want to cling to what I’ve been given.
I want to be safe.

Jesus, how different you are
from both these men!
How different is
the path of discipleship
you lay out before us.
For you never exploit anyone;
you have mercy even on those
who fail you miserably;
you harvest only what
you sowed with your own blood;
and you proclaim that
our entrance into your kingdom
depends on how we treat
the least among us.

And although you felt great fear,
you didn’t let it stop you
from doing the will of the Father.
You surrendered divinity--
the ultimate safety and security--
and risked everything
out of love for us all.

Lord, as I share
in your Eucharist today,
give me the courage and strength
to commit myself more deeply
to the path of discipleship
you lay out before me.
Fill my heart with your self-giving love,
so that I may be less a slave
to fear and insecurity
and so that I might live
more fully with you,
in you, and through you,
all the days of my life.

  Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA Photo
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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